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Chemistry Lab.
The Department of Chemistry has well ventilated laboratory for providing conducive and easy to work environment to the students. The Engineering Chemistry laboratory is fully equipped with all required and modern facilities as per requirement of I K G Punjab Technical University syllabus, for conducting Engineering Chemistry Experiments for 30 students at a time. The details of the instruments are as under:

List of Equipments

SN. Particulars of Goods Quantity
1 Ph meter deluxe model 101EI make 1
2 Conductivity meter digital model 601EImake 2
3 Muffle Furnace cat. No.PT 350 A/10
4 TLC Apparatus complete 935 perfit 1
5 Flash and Fire point apparatus PT-1030 1
6 Abel’s Flash point apparatus PT-1020 1
7 Pensky Martin complete PT-1025 1
8 Redwood Viscometer No. 1 PT-1000 1
9 Redwood Viscometer No. 2 PT-1005 1
10 Waterbath thermostatic cat. No. 975/02 1
11 Waterbath non-thermostatic cat. No. 978/02 perfit 1
12 Heating Mantle 2 lt. cap. 968/06 perfit 1
13 Single pan balance PT make 2
14 Polarimeter research 200 mm PT - 480 1
15 Abbe's Refractrometer  PT - 463 1
16 pH meter model 101 complete 1
17 Hot air oven 1
18 Turbidity meter 1
19 BOD Incubator 650*580*900 with microprocessor PID digital temperature indicator cum controller 1
20 Automatic voltage stabilizer 1

Physics Lab.
As per requirements of I K G Punjab Technical University syllabus, the physics laboratory is well equipped with separate dark room. There are ten experimental apparatus with proper electric connections on each table. The details of experimental apparatus are as under:
S. No. Particulars of goods Quantity
1 Stewart and Gee’s tangent galvanometer 2
2 Electrical Vibrator 2
3 Dielectric Constant Kit 2
4 Advanced Optical Fibre Kit 2
5 BH Curve Apparatus(1) 1
6 He Ne LASER 2
7 Spectrometer 2
8 Michelson Interferometer 2
9 Microwave Test Bench(1) 1
10 CRO 4

Communication Skills Lab.
English enhances the employability of students. It enriches a high-degree of proficiency in English Language. It is the language of opportunities. It enables the students to expedite the process of improving learning skills, with more emphasis on LSRW (Learning, Speaking, and Reading & Writing). The department of Applied Sciences has Wordsworth English Language Lab with 30 systems and headphones. It is a unique English learning programme that prepares the students to communicate in English with clarity and confidence. It offers the best in terms of continuous evaluation, content, teaching expertise and methodology. The methodology is a blend of Instructor Led Training (ILT) with a Computer Based Training (CBT), practice and evaluation.

The main aim of Language Lab is to improve Communication Skills in formal and informal situations. It is also to impart training to students through the syllabus in its theoretical aspects and practical components.

Apart from the Wordsworth English Language Lab the Department of Applied Sciences has well equipped, air-conditioned and spacious laboratory to accommodate thirty students at a time. It has all the modern equipments which help the students to enhance their communicative skills by making use of these instruments effectively. The lab contains all the required equipments according to the I K G Punjab Technical University syllabus:

1. T.V
2. DVD Player
3. Multimedia Projector
4. Over Head Projector (OHP)
5. Computer.

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